2015 Ford GT

After the incredibly successful launches of both the 2013 Dodge Viper and Corvette C7 it’s time for the return of the most beautiful performance vehicle ever designed, the Ford GT. When I was a kid I saw a GT at the Minnesota State Fair. With its low body and wide stance it looked like it would break the speed limit in park. From that day on I dreamed of owning one, blasting through the desert with only the sounds of a mid-mounted V8 signing behind my right ear. Sadly though after two short years and with a little over 4,000 cars made the legendary racing giant went back to sleep. I beg you now to consider awakening him once more, and show the world what a true American icon of engineering can do (without government bail-outs ;D).
Andrew M 01/21/2014
A new Thunderbird could be competitive with the Corvette and Viper. The Gt should be reserved for a true, lethal, track-ready supercar, not an everyday sports car like the Corvette/Viper.
Cobra V8 07/14/2013
i agree strongly it is unfair seeing GM fans saying ford sucks just because we have no competitor for the corvette and the viper... and that is not the biggest thing that saddens.. it is the fact that ford is going to miss the 50th birthday of the GT40.. just tell me this ford why miss the 50th of the greatest car you have ever made
Aaron A 07/09/2013
I concur. The monstrous 5.8L motor in the GT500 is too good not to be put in a supercar.
Blaek G 05/10/2013
I could design a revolutionary aerodynamic design better then anyone on the face of this earth...
My life has literatly been based off of design.