2014 Mustang Mach 1

It would be a killer to add the Mach 1 back to the line up in the same fashon as was done in 2003 use the svt cobra engine with minor adjustments and less the forced induction. It could fit in between the gt models and the boss 302 or drop the boss a bit and place the mach 1 between the boss and gt500. Owning a 2004 Mach 1 I think it would be a big blow to chevy and dodge to add another killer model to the line up.
Joshua C 08/09/2013
agreed, but rip out the backseats and put in an optional factory installed rollcage, quad side and rear exhaust (like the SVT Cobra R) lighter body panels, 6s manual only, white on black dials, suede interior to reduce windscreen glare, very simple eletronics package (with optional navi) a grill, louvre, scoop, hood and spoiler design available only on the mach series, and limited production, with production numbers on the steering wheels or dash. yes, definitely a car i would buy
Stephen M 12/13/2012
Yes , same as the 1971 Big and lots of H.P. Their is lots of room ..
Andy R 11/13/2012
I Like This !!!
Mohammed S 10/19/2012
gave it the 5.8 GT500 engine without the supercharger