2014 AWD Fusion Titanium with Manual

There have been other posts about adding a 6 speed manual to the top level Fusion and I think that would be a great car. I think a better car would be an All Wheel Drive Fusion in the ST line with a 6 speed manual transmission. The shame of the Taurus SHO is the lack of a stick and as much as I love the Focus ST I need a little more room for cargo and passengers. So, just give us a sportier AWD Fusion with some ST engineering and a 6 speed transmission and I will be a very very happy future Ford owner.
Eric M 04/03/2013
I begged the dealer to order me an SHO with a manual! No way no how. I would buy the SHO if it had one.
Seckin O 12/20/2012
Agreed. However I would take the current 2.0L AWD with 6-Manual. As you go to an ST version you loose the MPG's.
Paul M 08/30/2012
2.0L with manual is all I really want. Push come to shove, I can always modify the suspension and swap wheels, tires, etc after the warranty is out. I can't, however, easily swap an automatic for a manual transmission.
Rick R 08/14/2012
How about a Sport version with a V-6 and a stick? Maybe Ecoboost?
Randy W 07/11/2012
Yes, yes, yes!
maybe 07/03/2012
Ivan N 06/20/2012
AWD Fusion ST would be great
I also, would like to see a Fusion ST. I prefer a automatic with paddle shift though.