2013 Manual Superduty

By Josh W.

Ford, As with me and many others (just search this site for "manual transmission trucks") we want the manual transmission option back!! I know there is a excellent DEMAND market for it as I've seen it on here and many other sites. Bring the manual back to 2013 F250- F-550 Super Duty trucks , for that matter make it a special order option but at least give us the option. I absolutely hate automatic transmissions. I'm ready to buy a new 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel truck and I'm absolutely not buying an automatic!! I want a the ZF6-speed Manual .Come on Please Ford let's get it done! Bring the manual back!!!!!!!!! Ford here's a little motivation "Ram trucks offers it"!! , Ford Ranger was last one to offer Manual so can you please reoffer the zf 6-speed manual WE NEED IT BADLY
andrew 08/12/2013
I would buy the new 6.7 if they offered the 6 speed back with it otherwise my next truck will just be a rebuilt 2002 F-250 and i'll have my 6 speed a rebuilt 2002 doesnt make you any money ford
T.R. 07/28/2013
I'm looking for a new pickup and refuse to buy automatic vehicles. Please Ford, don't make me buy a Ram 2500 just to get a manual transmission. I know the standard transmission vehicles are low volume and not a moneymaker, but I think I speak for a lot of standard transmission enthusiasts when I say I'd gladly pay extra for the option and accept it being a long lead time special order item. Please save me from having to tolerate another terrible Dodge truck and let me have the standard trans Super Duty I've been longing for.
Thomas H 06/30/2013
I don't want to buy a Ram but I will I have to. Come on Ford. Think of the marketing possibilities! Nothing seems more manly than rowing the gears. You can use it in the commercials for that big rig feel.
joaquin r 01/27/2013
As a previous owner of an auto F-350, I can say without hesitation that the 'slush-o-matic' feeling was evident in serious towing and immediate power need situations. A manual would fix all of that. Just make darned sure the clutch is ready for the torque. The one weak spot in the Ram G56 manual is the weak clutch. Go get em Ford!!
Austin F 01/05/2013
I'd buy a manual trans Scorpion Super Duty if offered, I won't buy the automatic. A friend of mine has a small fleet (4 stake bodies and 1 Excursion) and all are 7.3's and pretty much ready for replacement. 4 of the 5 are manual trans, and he's going Dodge if Ford doesn't offer a manual. Have they not polled their private party and fleet customer base?
Landen S 12/30/2012
I just ordered a 2013 F-350 and was very unhappy about no manual transmissions....the only reason I didn't get a Dodge truck was they don't build 2 door extended cabs anymore.....
Lewis C 12/06/2012
YESSIR we do need us a manual diesel from ford badly, i hate dodges, but... idk, i guess i will stay with buying a used diesel if ford wont make any new ones. ;(
Paul D. T 11/08/2012
Have you tried an aftermarket or conversion company??
Where is the ZF made now?? I have a 5 speed Model S5-42 ZF which was made in Germany. Whoever is manufacturing these transmissions may know of an aftermarket company that could handle the conversion. Preferably it would be a Ford authorized conversion facility who participates in Ford's Qualified Vehicle Modifier program. This would be similar to CNG/LPG fuel system conversion so the consumer would have a Ford factory base warranty except for the manual transmission which would be under warranty from the conversion facility. Ford would need to engineer and design chassis and electrical so all provisions would be readily available for the conversion to keep the conversion cost down.

Should be win-win for all sides
Ford would win by not losing its customers to Dodge and there should be minimal impact to the Ford assembly line.
ZF Manual Transmission would win due to increased sales of the ZF transmission.
The conversion facilty would win by having a growing business that would employ US or Canadian workers.
Finally it should be a win for the customer by being able to CHOOSE a manual if he or she should want one. Hopefully in the future F Super Duty customers will have the choice to choose a manual