2013 GT500 brakes

So, I'm totally into the 2013 GT500. My long problem is that it seems incomplete. When I look at the rear brake setup, the first thing that comes to mind is that I would have to buy the upgraded caliper to match the front. If you are truly trying to keep up and beat out the ZL1, you gotta have little things like this. You guys offer an SVT performance package AND a track package and neither address the form and function of the rear brakes. Meanwhile, the ZL1 gets a complete set at a cheaper price. Lesser cars have has complete sets and your competition has complete. Give that car the equipment it deserves and there will likely be one in my driveway.
JimH 07/16/2012
I agree 100%. I've read the articles on the comparisons and I just picked my my 2013 GT500 with the performance package and the track package and the first thing I noted was the rear brakes not being the same Brembo package (or similar) to the front. I was a little disappointed. I also noted that neither front nor the rear is drilled or slotted which would help with the cooling. I will be looking to make this upgrade as soon as one is available. JimH
Michael R 03/25/2012
The Performance and Track packs should be standard on a GT500. Don't nickel and dime the buyers of top-end Mustangs! It's annoying to have to seek out cars that are fully equipped. The ZL1 has all this and more as standard equipment.
art h 03/24/2012
Ford didnt skimp on the brakes with the track package
N. R 03/18/2012
I don't think you understand, the front breaks suffer the most wear-and-tear and having more breaking force up front will improve understeer (which is something this car needs). These are pretty much the same breaks you'll find on the ZL1, except they're bigger. As for the ZL1, is it really gonna be much competition? Think about it.
Todd B 03/17/2012
Rear brakes typically do about 30% of a vehicle's overall braking. This is not a function issue, it is a form issue. The fact that the upcoming GT500 avoids the gas guzzler tax and beats the ZL1 by 70 horsepower makes it very competitive in my opinion.