2013 Fusion Sport

By Paul M.

I noticed a few things lacking from the new Fusion configuring page that would make it the perfect car for car enthusiasts like myself. a) 2.0L Ecoboost with a manual transmission in either FWD or AWD b) Being able to have the appearance package wheels and spoiler available with the luxury package - a luxury-sport package, so to speak c) The luxury leather seats out of the Titanium model would be a nice upgrade as well d) An offered sport-tuned suspension (may not be necessary).
Aaron K 09/14/2012
I agree. They should have an "enthusiast edition" or the like, in which manual transmission would be offered with any engine/drivetrain combination. All-wheel-drive manuals are hard to come by other than Subaru, Mini, and BMW. I've never owned an automatic, and although I think the new Fusion is stunning, its lack of manual trans on the AWD model is a real disappointment.
Paul M 08/30/2012
Still not sure what engine I'm going to get when I order my Fusion. I really want a manual and love the estimated mileage of the 1.6L, but I also want the power of the 2.0L for when I'm driving up and down mountain passes. I guess I'll be able to make a better selection once the Fusion hits dealer lots and I can drive a 1.6L and a 2.0L back-to-back.
dave k 08/20/2012
I had just wrote to ford about the lack of a manual transmission in the 2 liter ecoboost fusion. It's offered in the focus so the combination exists. the fusion comes with a manual transmission so the car would not need a special set up for the bigger motor. I also would like to see the color "ice storm" offered on a non hybrid fusion.
Nelson M 08/17/2012
I especially like b and d. Should be easy to have more options for wheels at all levels... A sport tuned suspension would be awesome, too! (I would have voted for manual transmission, too, but the Fusion will be an alternative to my Straight Drive Mustang GT when my bum knee is bothering me...)
Paul M 08/03/2012
My initial comment was based on myself spec'ing out a Fusion SE with the 1.6L and manual trans. I still would like to see a "Sport" or ST model Fusion equipped similarly as above. However, one caveat to this is I would like it without the MyFord Touch system, but a premium radio like the Moon & Tune package of many '12 models instead. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel touchscreens in cars are a distraction (not just MFT) and refuse to buy a car equipped with it.
Jesse F 07/30/2012
Anything that puts a manual on the AWD Titanium Fusion has my thumbs up.