2013 Fusion Coupe/Convertable

The new 2013 Fusion should also come as a performance/luxury coupe and convertible. Ford seems to be ignoring the large single/childless couple/childless demographic that don't need or want a 4-door car/truck/suv. We want to buy a Ford, but only if Ford offers the option.
deanna devine 01/27/2014
A convertable Ford Fusion would be awesome!  My husband & I just test drove a fusion with the Turbo engine!  Wow!  The acceleration & the wonderfully smooth ride!  Only thing that was missing was that it wasn't a convertable!  If it had we would have bought one on the spot! 
Joao B 01/04/2013
I think that Fusion Coupe would be welcome, reminding that it would hit a large market share. It would be a stylish car, rivaling even top gear overall.
Monroe W 11/21/2012
Amen to that idea, but I'd still be interested in a 4 door convertible Fusion, provided it had a power retractable hardtop. If that was an option for the 2013, I would've chosen that instead of the moonroof.
darrin t 09/25/2012
This is a beautiful car and I plan to buy one as soon as they come out with a coupe convertible version.
Kraig 05/11/2012
Fully back this. Loose 2 doors, drop the 3.5 Ecoboost in it and you have a car that many will buy. I am in love with the 2013 Mustang and plan on buying one but I think Ford needs an answer to the "Japanese street scene" style. I remember when I had the Probe gt way back and I loved that car. When I saw this new Fusion that is the first car I thought of.
Arjel Agustin 01/14/2012
Well that is a great idea but may I suggest of changing the name to Ford Mondeo. Ford Fusion is less masculine name. Since Mondeo and Fusion are the same why not just have one name? Ford Mondeo has been in the Ford line up since 1993. Fusion sounds like a girls car and Mondeo sounds more masculine.
Stuart Willner 10/13/2011
I would be looking forward to a Fusion convertable. It would be a great addition for us that have trouble fitting in a Mustang.
Robert Todd 07/18/2011
Even if Ford would give us an artist impression of one. It must run clear to the top in Ford not to build anything but sedans. I know Mulhally did a lot for Ford. I knew about him when he was at Boeing. But his car of choice was a Lexus showing he, altho he must be a great corporate boss, isn't a CAR nut. Seeing as Ford has suceeded in this era of GM and Chrysler bankruptcys and political climate and Ford is doing well with their broad appeal cars that maybe its time to try a coupe or convertable again Lets hope