2013 Ford Fusion Audi & BMW Beater

Start with the 2013 Fusion and style it as both a 2dr & 4dr model, using the new NASCAR design. Add an AWD independent adjustable suspension. Add the V6 Echo Boost as super performance option (M3/S4). Mate the engines, including 4 cyl to either a six speed manual or twin clutch automatic. Keep the weight down (important) and still meet Federal regs; ugh. Minimalize options, but ensure that performace brakes, wheels and tires are included, as well as performace, yet comfortable, seating, A base price, between mid 30's to low 40's, dependent what is included in the base trim package. MOST IMORTANT; MAKE IT IN THE USA!

Can I order mine now?

PS, If you need someone to run the program, get in touch.
Scott j 08/19/2012
No V6 - bad choice, but given the pressures of the market and fed laws...the I4 may be OK. I just don't think it's right to ask a premium to get the same HP with a small amount of gas savings!
Aaron Evans 01/26/2012
I agree. Give us something to take on the germans.