2013 ford f-150

i would love to see a 4.0 v6 or 5.4 v8 supercharged f-150 or a 4cycle 3.7 power stroke diesel in it with 250 hp with 50 miles a gallon . it can be done call it a f-150 sc
ROCKandREVIEW 06/27/2012
$50k+ luxury truck w/o remote start and intelligent access with push-button start? Makes no sense. The target market will expect these items and every time they have to grab their key and fob there will be a little tinge of let-down. Using the same system as the new Explorer would be rather nice. Some minor tweaks to the interior are still needed. The 'Fisher-Price' style nobs and buttons have no place in a vehicle that is otherwise very refined. The Expedition could also use the same updates and intelligent access. If your going to do it, do it right!
James Defelice 05/15/2011
turn 4.0 in to a 3.5 or 3.7 v6 ecoboost for the rangers
James Defelice 04/25/2011
in the f-150 and ranger call it powerstroke jr.