2013 Escape Transmission

By Russ B.

The Escape should have a manual transmission option. The Kuga equivalent in Europe has a 6 speed manual. In addition to smoother shifting, fuel saving coasting on hills, manuals are quieter. Our main gripe with automatics is the whine noise. They all have it.
In addition to manual transmissions being a quieter, smoother ride... over the life of the vehicle, they require MUCH LESS service.
Please bring a 6 speed manual to the Escape line. (Mazda has it.)
George P 07/19/2014
I could not agree more. I would purchase one instantly. My 2013 Escape 2.0 wants a manual!!
Mike P 07/16/2014
If Ford came out wih a manual I would sell my 2013 and buy one immediately. I would pay extra for a manual!! That's how much I love them.
Bob Hanssen 11/18/2012
The sad truth is the manual transmission equipped cars don't fly off the shelves in the US. It's all about lazy drivers not wanting to put down their drinks in bumper to bumper traffic. Oh, and now we need a free hand so we can text. I'd never buy a new car with an automatic and resign myself to driving a used Toyota.
Jerry Murray 10/10/2012
I wanted to buy an Escape, but without the manual transmission I will not.
Wiw S 08/11/2012
You're absolutely right about the Kuga equivalent. It would be economical for Ford to offer the same drive train options the Europeans have. The Escape platform has a manual available already, why not apply it to the US market?