2013 Escape 4 Down Towing

By Bill F.

We really want a new 2013 Escape, however, we will not be getting one because they are not towable 4 down with out motorhome. This is really needed.
Andre L 09/04/2013
In one YouTube professional review of five 2013 crossover vehicles the Ford Escape came out on top. But because it is not four down towable I will not purchase one. Ford has really let me down with this. I have always been a Ford customer. Sad.
Adaycj 07/23/2013
We will be selling our 2013 and buying elsewhere because of the restriction on flat towing. 
David M 10/29/2012
I,too, would have considered purchasing a 2013 Escape 4WD to flat tow behind my motorhome. However, because Ford did not design the vehicle to be flat towable, I purchased a Jeep Wrangler instead. Result: Jeep +1, Ford 0.
Michael Fagan 09/30/2012
The design of the 2013 escape is very disturbing, it looks like something from chevy, and very much a ladies idea. I guess ford has given up on making vehicles that appeal to the regular guy on the street
I won't be buying one either!