2012 Focus ST in 3 Door hatchback or coupe

Please bring a performance 3-door hatchback or coupe to the United States. I really love the Focus RS in the UK, and I am really excited by the 2012 Focus ST. However, I would really like to see this as a 3-door, and not as a 5-door.
I say want to see a focus st with awd and 300+ hp. Also i would like to see it in sedan or coupe form instead of hatch. 
Greg B. Shannon 12/07/2013
I won't buy a Ford Focus unless they make it available in a three door hatchback.  Make it available and I would buy one tomorrow! 
John Joss 12/22/2012
Of course this is a great idea, and I agree 100%, but it's not easy to certify a car model for the US. It takes crash testing, parts inventories, etc., and Ford's marketeers have no doubt analyzed their markets and found out that it was uneconomic to bring in the three-door. Sigh. Remember, the US --unlike the UK, for example--is not a nation of enthusiasts for great driving. Cars here are just 'transportation' or
codpieces that demonstrate wealth (Don't believe? Look at the Ferrari ads in AUTOWEEK, showing cars of many different years that have been driven shorter distances per year than average humans walk).
ELHam 12/03/2012
Having owned a VWGTI 2-door hatch, I'd buy a Focus 2-door hatch in a heartbeat. Wake up, Ford, 2-door hot hatches sell well in the US.
Gary Z 10/26/2012
3 (door) threeDoor Not 5 DOOR no no noooo4 door # door
Dave 10/04/2012
Pffft, make the ST wagon available here and I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Mason L 09/23/2012
You bring the 3door ST or RS, I'll be trading in my Ti 5speed.
Brett 09/23/2012
Id trade my 2013 ST ( that i havent even recieved yet )in for a 3 door, especially if Ford offered AWD, in a year or two... Gladly pay Ford some more money for that.
David 09/19/2012
Ford, Bring out a 3 door please,I just bought the 5 door ST but only because a 3 door wasnt avalible.
Luke C 09/18/2012
Right now I am driving a 2005 Ford Focus ZX3 and am starting to look for a new car. I went straight to the Focus at first, but since there is no 3 door I have started looking elsewhere. If ford were to come out with a 3 door Focus ST, I would buy one.
Michael B 09/18/2012
Please make a 3-dr focus. ,I've been driving my 2002 SVT focus for years now and I'm just waiting for a 3-dr Focus RS to replace it. Hopefully all of the short people at Ford will stop discriminating against us tall people. I'm 6'4" and can't fit in a 5-dr focus.
Mark S 08/14/2012
Jim McGrath is right, although he could use to be less insulting. There is a market, it's just alot smaller. I just bought my first new non-ford product due to them not having a 3dr hatch...2012 VW Golf. I guess I will have to be content with my 2003 SVT Focus.
Nikhil Rao 07/04/2012
Ford, you need to bring back 3 door hatchbacks. Look at a 3 door fiesta, then a 5 door. Then you'll know why I'm looking at the golf. Signed, owner of 2 1st gen foci (last time Ford did it truly right)
Jim McGrath 02/07/2012
Whether it's a Ranger diesel, ecoboost Transit, 3-door Focus, or 1.0L Focus, Ford knows what's best for the US market and doesn't really want to know what you think you want.
Nick K 12/23/2011
I have been driving Focus since 2001, traded every 2 years until 2009, when I found out Ford would no longer be offering the 2 door liftback.
So I guess I will drive my 2007 Focus 2 door liftback until the wheels fall off and then buy from a different manufacfturer. Too bad because I have been extremely pleased with all the Focuses I have owned
peter townsend 12/17/2011
peter townsend ; if ford wanted to compete against the likes of gti or honda or now even hyundai veloster it would do so, 3 doors are much more sporty and look much better , 4 doors are just parts cars , just look at the after market price history , how about a for door road runner. Ford says they listen but they obviously dont
j 12/13/2011
Coenraad Slis 10/05/2011
Looks like a VW Golf for me. Would have gotten a Focus or even Fiesta, but don't need all those doors. One customer lost, Ford. What makes you think the US market doesn't like what the Euro market does? We watch Top Gear UK, you know...
Danny Clark 07/12/2011
There is nothing wrong with a three door or sedan. But I would only buy a Five door for my self.
Nick American Man 02/14/2011
I love the european Focus RS it's quick, nimble, sporty, and we get stuck with what? An econo box of a focus. Ford if your reading this bring the european focus to america. We deserve it.
John Preston 01/09/2011
Ford not making a 3 door Fiesta is why I bought a 2011 Accent. Coulda had another Ford in my driveway...