2012 Focus performance upgrade

I have a 2012 Focus and what i think what ford has to do is to have power upgrades for the vehicle like turbos,intercoolers,headers,performance brakes, etc.
i love the car..it looks sporty so i think it will fit even better if it had performance to back it up..thier coming with a new ford focus turbocharged but they should make them for automatics instead of stick shift..if ford added those accessories for this years focuses alot of customers would be satisfied. i wish that the 2013 focus turbo's are compatible for this years regular focuses and for sedans as well
Pierre d 06/18/2012
Ford should replace all N/A engines (eccept the V8's!) wit EcoBoos engines! Manual AND Auto/Powershift
Brad K 06/11/2012
I was with you until you started talking about automatics, haha.