2012 F150 snow plow prep.

By John M.

I think it is time for Ford to adress the fact that you can not install a snow plow on any 2011 or 2012 F150. Guys please. The best selling half ton pick-up in AMERICA can not handle a regular duty plow?. I am sorry to say that i am not a rockect scientist but i have a idea the enginners at ford can come up with the solution. The plow prep should be availible for any for any body configuration as long as the truck is a four wheel drive has the right gearing, and locking rear differential.
Bruce D 03/22/2013
Being both retired and disabled, money is tight and I am still driving my 95 F150. It has seen better days and I mostly use it to plow out my yard as well as family and neighbors driveways / yards in our brutal winters we get up in the U.P. of MI. I have a fairly new Western Plow that gets quite a workout in winter (Had to plow about 5 times in just the past week)

I had hoped if finances improved that I would be able to bite the bullet and invest in another F150 to put my plow on, but reading this thread has disappointed me that plows can't be put on the newer models. I have noticed power drains when I plow especially at night but I would think the Ford engineers would be able to come up with a solution to this issue. Bottom line is that 4x4 pickups and plows are a necessity in areas with lots of snow and I feel Ford is cutting their own throat by not selling an F150 that can take a plow. Hate to say it, but lots of sales are going to go to the "Other guys" who sell trucks that will take a plow. So I think it is time that you folks get your act together on this issue. If you want to stay #1 in truck sales, you need to address the plow problem..
Neil K 01/02/2013
Want to really plow? Get a Super Duty. Want to play around and not get anything done? Get an ATV.
Chris 12/20/2012
SnowWay Plows are authorized for use on 2010 and newer F150s'. Just had one installed. Works Great! No Voltage drops. Love the remote control for the plow. Easy fast -on-fast off hook up.
Dale M 12/01/2012
I have a 2011 F150 with a snoway plow on it .Ford said it was good to go .. but I have a 5 liter
Rick Courier 11/06/2012
Have the engineers at Ford come up with a solution to adding plows to the 2011 F-150 yet??? I was told that Western plows have a solution to the problem and they are waiting for ford to sign off??
Spence 09/08/2012
I have a business to plow and 2 driveways - have wanted a F-150 for a couple of years now (currently driving a GMC). I went to our local Ford dealership to lease a new 150 and found out I cannot install my plow - I needed to move to a F-250. Needless to say I did not sign the lease. I am pretty disappointed - my other vehicles are a 2012 Fusion and 2012 Focus. Come on Ford! Aren't your 150's the best selling trucks in America? No plow?!
Eric O 08/19/2012
How hard can it be to offer a package for a snow plow. Chevy and dodge have one for their half tons. Maybe a seccond battery and a bigger alternator. I know I would pay an extra for such an option. I have a 05 F150 crew with a fisher HT and it works great on my 400' driveway, but Soon I may have to upgrade to a chevy since I do not want the 3/4 ton size.
keven 06/20/2012
I install westerns plows ...its the electronic power steering that will fail.. nothing to do with the front end
Bruce H 04/26/2012
I was minutes from finalizing a f150 purchase when I found out a plow could not be installed. It killed the deal. I know its to late for 2013 models but I can wait for the 2014 F150, Ford PLEASE!!!
Paul 04/12/2012
I believe the front suspension has always been the issue!
Greg L 04/09/2012
This is the 1st F150 I have considered purchasing as all have been F250, I only plow my driveway but also drive over 100 miles per/day....finding a solution to outfitting a Ecoboost F150 with a plow would nice
Alan 03/29/2012
I would buy one in a heartbeat but the lack of plow option is an issue.
Yes, simply add a 2nd battery if needed.
Paul Harden 10/18/2011
I agree about the plow option. I hear the electric power steering is one issue