2011 SVT Focus Turbo

By Cork F.

Build a SVT Focus similar to the Euro 2009 Focus RS - create similar hp, handling and interior upgrades. I own to SVT products 2000 SVT Contour and 1997 SVT Mustang. My daily driver is a 2008 MazdaSpeed3, bought new when Mazda was part of Ford. I've had the pleasure of driving a Euro RS, it is a excellent car with features and benefits to satisfy both peformance enthusiasts and those wanting creature comforts. I've been a loyal SVT fans and have had leadership positions in my local club and was a on-track driving instructor, so I know of the quality of the SVT product.

This is probably an idea SVE or SVT has had forever so I know it's not new or different, but I wanted to express my interest in the SVT brand and for a SVT Focus [as before]. Why let Mazda, Subaru, Mitusbishi, VW and Honda, garner sales and futrue conquest sales of Ford fans seeking a comparable car. Especially those that cannot afford a Mustang GT or want a choice other than Mustang as their only Ford choice.