20-- Ford Torino (Bring it back)

The Ford Torino was a fast car. Not the Grand Torino, but as in the King Cobra Prototype. Why did you kill it? Rember the areo wars? Can we bring them back? Can you get Roush or S.M.S. or Shelby or Ford Racing involved? What engine would you use? What about a Direct-Injected (VanDyne)-Superturbo 4 cylinder I.R.S./I.F.S. Carbon Fiber Car? Sounds unreasonable but all I want is the cyclone/torino areo wars.
Charles B 06/08/2014
I have a different story, so read that one first. It is getting approved.
Nick G 06/03/2014
to get this sort of thing done takes initiative, charles.reach out to the tuners you mentioned.