2 Seat Sports car under 2000lbs

2 Seat sports car under 2000lbs, Can be done but let’s make sure it’s a bare bones drivers/ performance car. 3 or 4 cylinder turbo making 200 HP no thrill’s crank windows radio delete and enough room on the hatch area for track tires, tools. Comes with a 2 year SCCA membership and 2 prepaid track days. Comes with a 2 year Ford Enthusiast club membership. ( I can help run it , I have experience) the key is “2” should get @ 40 MPG or Higher and make people smile both inside the vehicle and outside!!
Alex M 02/01/2013
1973 Saab Sonnet was 1,900 lbs, front wheel drive, fiberglass body, manual everything and had a Ford V4 engine cranking all of 60hp; Gentlemen, it can be done! Best 3 years of my life driving that car. Even the 3 cylinder from the Fiesta in Europe could propel this thing to seemingly rocketship speeds. Well, anything over 40 seemed like light speed in that car.
Stephen B 01/11/2013
I like the idea, but electric windows and locks are a must! Turbo as an option only- keep it simple. Manual top is fine and manual transmission option is a must. The Miata is the perfect sports car, and needs to be the target.
Stephen B 01/11/2013
I had a 1999 Mazda Miata a few years ago, and of the 15 or 16 cars that I have owned, I miss it the most. Why can't Ford build an affordable, reliable sports car? I'll be in the market again, and I'm considering another Miata. Dodge considered building such a car a few years back, and GM tried (and failed) with the Solstice/Sky. Ford's turn...