2 Doors!!!

I really wish the performance variants of the Focus and Fiesta were available in a 2 door. 
Also, I wish you'd make manual transmission versions of all your AWD cars. Not everyone wants an auto!
S. Willoughby 10/03/2014
Concur 100%. I have a 2dr 2002 Ford Focus SVT that is stylish and fun to drive. How about bringing back the 2dr Focus, the Focus RS would be a great candidate. I would buy one for certain.
John 02/24/2014
You are not alone.  I have driven US made 2 door small cars for over 35 years, but it looks like my '10 Focus SES is the lst one I'll ever see.  The US mfrs have completed abandoned this market and it looks like I'll have to settle for one of the few remaining Asian models when I'm ready to change.  I read a long time ago that car dealers are the true customers of the Big 3, not car buyers.  When car buyers settle for whatever the dealer has sitting on his lot, this is the result.  The dealers order lowest common denominator cars with limited equipment and colors for inventory control, which results in the manufacturer paring down choices to the few that are most ordered.  Hope you like a grey 4 door sedan with a black interior, because pretty soon that's all that will be made.  Kind of like a drivable Mao suit.