2 Door Galaxie or Fairlane

I have an idea, alot of Ford fans and I would really like to see a new 2 door muscle car perhap's a new Fairlane or Galaxie! The mustang just isnt cutting it for many of us ( quite a boring car) it would be really nice if Ford made a new muscle car to compete with the charger, challenger, camaro, and the new el camino that GM will be bringing back out. Ford has way too many small cars, SUV's, truck's and so forth, To keep cost down the new car could share the mustang platform, people are wanting a new muscle car instead of 50 different litte car's and so many truck's.
RICK S 10/26/2012
Ford used to make full size 4-door cars with the bucket seats, console and floor shift, back in the sixties!!! How cool if Ford would bring them back......hmm..a 2014 Galaxie 500 XL? A tunnel roofed 2015 Mercury Marauder?
Rick S.
Clarence Cox 09/26/2011
Amen! And put the gas tank fill on the driver's side like it should be.
Luis Contreras 09/21/2011
is a great idea one sedan sport rear traction, but whith four Doors
T Craig-P71CV 09/20/2011
Yes I agree, Ford should come out with another sports car. The Mustang is a nice car, but a litlle too small for my liking. Personally I do like the Dodge Challenger and Charger with thier butt kicking HEMI engines. Heck even the Chrysler 300 has a HEMI engine. So why doesn't Ford come out with a Fairlane, Galaxy, or a Torino? Ford keeps focusing on the Mustang but they should come out with another muscle car to compete with Dodge and GM. And NO! the Taurus SHO just doesn't make the cut. Ford needs another V8 powered rear drive sports car.