'14 429 BOSS Mustang

By Ian C.

Here's potientially an enigne for the next gen mustang.  Imagne taking the new Boss V8 block and making it around 7.2 liters, featuring an all aluminium block & heads, but dohc instead of sohc.  Plus the block could feature 6-bolt mains (2 cross bolts and 4 top bolts), as well as 6 bolts per cylinder in the heads.  Just imagine GM and Mopar scouring for answers to you about this mustang's power potiental, which would be a perfect answer to the '14 Camaro Z28, but much better, btw!
michael d 07/26/2013
Let's see there is a 5.0, 5.8 liter block around. Just add a 7.1 and we could offer a Boss 302, a Boss 351, and a Boss 429 in the same model year. what a concept!