1.6 L ecoboost in Focus Titanium

With the optional handling package, the Focus Titanium is ALMOST a great car. Give it at least the 1.6 L ecoboost. Not everyone wants a tangerine kiddie racer - just nice performance in a small luxury Ford would be great!
Al M 09/13/2012
Agreed! However it will need to be bumped up to about 190-200HP and the same for the torque in order to seperate it from the base 2.0L 160hp engine. Then put a paddle shifter on the steering wheel and call it a sport model. Also offer cloth seats (even Recaro's) to hold you in place better than leather.
Brad K 06/24/2012
I agree. After living with two '12 Foci, one for almost a year now, and hearing about how good the 1.6L and 2.0L EcoBoost motors are, the current 2.0L in the Focus really smacks of "good enough for now". Well, maybe it actually wasn't.