1.5EB in New 2015 Focus

By Al M.

I just seen the pictures of the new 2015 Focus on Motor Trend's website and I like it.  However the article states that only the carryover 2.0 engine and the tiny 1.0EB engine will be offered.  Please drop in the 1.5EB and couple it with the new, jointly developed, 10 (or 9)speed auto tranny and call it a "sport" model and you'd have a sure winner on your hands that would offer power and real good mileage.  Also offer another interior color other than black and make the Sony premium sound system a stand alone option.
Ryan G 04/11/2014
I agree...not sure why the 1.5 is being ignored for the NA market. It makes more power and gets better economy then the 2.0NA engine, seems like it should be a no brainer to use it. I saw drop the 2.0 alltoghter and make the 1.5 EB standard, if thats not possible make it an option, Id pay extra for it.