YES!!! Bring back the Ranger

I have owned 4 Rangers since 1985. I thought it was the best small truck in the country, much better than anything from any other auto maker!! Please Ford bring back the Ranger!!
PAUL L 12/31/2012
An inline 4 cyl. diesel Ranger would be awsome.
Matt B 12/11/2012
I called Ford's marketing department to request a print brochure for the new Ranger and they insisted they no longer build the Ranger. Only after I repeatedly insisted did they admit that it is available, just not in the USA. They declined to send me a print brochure.
james j 11/28/2012
Ford your customers are begging for the new ranger. Bring it to the USA!
phil m 11/06/2012
or at least a Ranchero type of vehicle!
Al M 11/06/2012
05 Nov.: The new Ford Ranger has won the “International Pick-Up Award 2013”. Kind of ironic isn't it seeing that the boneheads in Dearborn don't seem to want to sell it here in the USA which is a total shame and a very short sited view. Same thing with not having a 3 door Fiesta, Focus or a wagon version of the new Fusion as the Euro one is gorgeous!