WiFi Music Sharing Between Fords

First, offer hard drive data/music storage. Then allow anyone with two or more Ford vehicles with SYNC/MyFord Touch, the ability to 'share' music via WiFi, through the on board interface. I should be able to remotely move music between both of my Ford cars with Sync/MyFord Touch, without the need for a smartphone to be connected. Very much like Tivo-To-Go where we can transfer recorded content from one DVR to another, via WiFi that is on our account.
Dave Bristel 06/04/2011
If your car has a USB port, just use a USB flash drive for your music, and then you can take it with you from Ford vehicle to Ford vehicle. It eliminates the need for a lot of complicated electronics that have the potential for problems and compatibility. Also, there is the RIAA that has been trying to shut down anything that might let you take music with you without the manufacturer paying a huge fee for the device, plus all that anti-piracy stuff they keep demanding.