Where is The Bronco

By Pat F.

I do believe yall have already heard this idea, But when is gonna be the return of the Concept Bronco. I know it would be a hit. Put a diesel in it or the new coyote 5.0 and it will sell like hot cakes. Thats what America needs. A Classic Look with a Diesel. And what better to put a diesel in than a Bronco. There is such a following for the Early Bronco, I think that would put Ford Further ahead of the competition than they already are.Plus it would blow the Fj out of the water. It doesnt even have any real look of the original. The concept of the Bronco actually looks kind of like the Original.
Well thats my Speal . COME ON FORD. AMERICA.
Jeff D 09/25/2012
The Bronco should be in the Ford lineup! I agree with the solid axles, rear/4x4, and removable top. I disagree on the width though. If it is going to be used for driving trails it needs to be the width of a Ranger or something between a Ranger and a 150. Needs to have a diesel engine option and the Coyote too.
ray s 08/23/2012
Was just thinking the other day how ford needed an offroad suv. Would be sad to have to buy a jeep instead :/
Brian T 08/23/2012
Must be a rugged, body-on-frame design with solid axles, rear wheel drive and a removable hardtop over the rear seats. The truck should be as wide as legally permitted, ala the Raptor, but without the over the top body work and graphics. They should use the new 5.0L V8 from the F-150 but leave room in the engine bay for the 6.2L V8.
Leroy S 08/22/2012
Just looking at how much an Icon bronco costs. Being made by FoMoCo would definitely make it available for the normal consumer. I would definitely love the opportunity to have one. With all the retro vehicles Being remade why not the bronco. I'm sure Chevy would be right behind Ford remaking the blazer.