Weather map overlaid on navi

the option to have the weather map overlaid on the navi screen.. because how many times have we driven through a bad rain/snow storm and wondered... when is this going to get better?

have the option to turn on the radar overlay on the navi screen so that when you are in a route or even just on the navi screen it is displayed.

this could also lead to a "Avoid severe weather" option (similar to "avoid toll roads" when using navigation.
Brian D 01/24/2013
Great idea
Elliot T 04/23/2012
Awesome Idea!
Greg B 04/20/2012
That would be great... I would like it to be able to display just on the map. Always thought that was an issue with the Travel Link Traffic. You have to have a destination before it will allert you. Well what if I know where i'm going and there is a wreck?? I would like to know that as well.