Voice Characterization

Voice activation, we should have the ability to change voice character (Male, Female, nationality, characterization,celebrities etc.) My old garmin gps has this ability. Ford should be able to offer this fuctionality/figure this out. This would add fun and build some excitement to the interaction with voice activation.

Thank you.
Scott S 08/05/2014
I bought a Navigation system that is very nice but has one terrible voice that is so bad I do not use the Navigation system I use my old Tom Tom. I spend alot of money for this system and not to have the choice to choice voices is terrible and unfair. My buddy bought a new dodge pickup truck with navigation and he can pick like 7 or 8 chcoices and with my neighbor who just bought a Honda Accord. The next update should be available with this option so we can utilize my navigation system, because who ever designed it came up way short. Please take this into consideration and give us the option to choice like6 to 8 voices because right now I am very disappointed in Ford for this reason. I spent alot of money on my Fords Escape Platinum and i want to trade it in and go buy a Mazda CX-5 that is just as nice and has the navigation where I can enjoy getting directions from a pleasant voice not like this system.