Updating Vintage Ford Models

By John W.

Dear Ford,

You guys are known for good stuff. You singlehandedly came up with the Econoline convertible van at least a year or two before Volkswagen brought out their bus that constantly breaks down. You came out with the Viper in '95 and helped revolutionize what a modern sports car could be. You guys are ingenious. Here's what I wanna see: A contemporary update of your classic models. Maybe over the course of a few years come out with good stuff of *all* sizes that'd compliment the Mini Cooper or VW Bug. I want a Ford Van that doesn't have a suicide wheel but does have airbags and can play ipod, DVD/Blu-Ray. I'd love it if there could be a way where you could modify the van to have a mini bar, to have a hideaway bed, etc. offered by your company. You guys yourselves should be able to capitalize on the pimping out people used to do. Honda has the Odyssey, you guys actually GOT the van. Model and everything. And right now? There's a HUGE nostalgic market. Not just by collectors but kids today I've seen the past few years in high school and college actually RESEMBLE, dressed head to toe, vintage thrash Metal from Metallica's early days. You could take Honda's idea one step beyond like Heavy Metal: The Movie. And the market would be there. The same with the Viper with artistic types. There's an alternative nostalgic audience emerging with American Reunion. Who wouldn't give their right testicle today to have what they used to dream of, in high school, brand new off the assembly line like it were still back then? You have troops with PTSD that need some kind of bearing on the present that haven't been home SINCE enlisting in the late 90's. This could be your modern-day American Graffiti moment. With That 70's Show the Fonz for Pie Fornicators. One could help the other. Like Batman and Robin. The non-Joel Schumacher version.

Hope you take what I say into deep consideration.

Your friendly neighborhood knucklehead,

- John Lewis Wright