Update Sync Services

By Matt S.

When the in-dash MyFord Touch navigation can't find a destination, it's sometimes helpful to use Sync Services via a paired cell phone to get destinations and do business searches.

But why in 2014 are we still dialing a number to speak to a voice response system that sends destinations to the car using modem tones?

My suggestion is that Sync Services be more deeply integrated into MyFord Touch.  If I'm searching for a location that Sync doesn't recognize, I should have the option to query Services via my phone's data connection.  Sync already heard what I'm asking for, why can't it send a search request on my behalf and add those results to the list on-screen?

Even better, Services knows what the traffic and construction is like along my route, and can help plan accordingly.  And if I need to report an accident or traffic back to the Sync cloud services, why can't I do that from my dash using voice commands?
Bill N 08/21/2014
I like the idea of adding what you suggest, but not dropping the current implementation. I've been lost in remote areas where I can't get a data connection. However, I can get a voice connection. I was still able to use the voice navigation feature to find my way out. The first time that happened, I understood why it was implemented the way it was.
JOHN C 08/17/2014