Update Gracenote using Sync Updates

I have a 2009 Escape and to update the Gracenote CDDB, I must purchase a $199 Navteq update. With new albums/songs coming out every day, I simply cannot afford to keep Gracenote up-to-date in this way.

Can the ability to update Gracenote be included in the Syncmyride.com portal to allow owners to download and install updates from the Internet for free (as I am told by Customer Service Gracenote updates should be)?
Seppo 09/28/2013
you can purchase just the gracenote update disc for $25
Derek H 10/16/2012
Well, now it is almost 2013 and still no answer to this issue other than buy a Navteq update for $199? What's the holdup Ford? This should be a no brainer!
Dave Field 08/09/2011
+1 In my owner's manual it even says the updates are free.
Richard Johnson 04/28/2011
More customization and the ability to update either via wifi, USB plugged into a laptop, bluetooth, downloaded DVD/CD...anything. Totally agree.
Chris Noland 09/20/2010
Great idea, it would be even better if it would update via a smart phone (blue tooth tether) and update daily or when ever it saw a data connection.