Turn Signal Reminder

By John D.

I see it happen to a lot my friends and family. They are driving and turn on there turn signal and they switch lanes and forget to turn it off. I think after 1 min of the signal being turned on with the car actually moving that it alerts the driver by playing the turn signal sound over the cars speakers. It would play in conjunction with the current music on the speakers (like on an iPhone) It would play the turn signal sound for about 3 clicks. Just to remind the driver that the signal is on and confusing other drivers. It would not be an annoying alert though.
Dustin M 11/13/2012
My old Freestyle had a feature like this. If it was left on for 1 mile a warning would appear in the message centre as well as bing over the speakers. Wish they'd keep a feature like this on all their vehicles.
Lenny B 11/07/2012
actually had this feature on my 97 continental. worked great.
11XTR4x4 11/07/2012
Thats funny, my gf's 05 chevy truck has this. weird ford doesnt