Truck leader ? One size does not fit all.

By Gary F.

If you truly want to be the truck leader, then you need a replacement for the Ranger. You make cars and SUVs in all sizes for all kinds of needs. In the truck market one size does not fit all. Put some of the great engineering of the F-150 into a smaller truck.
Steven G 04/23/2013
Exactly! Please dont make us look at all the 4-door colorado's and tacomas, plus the colorado even has a v-8 option! Rangers need a refresh with at least more cab room and ecoboost!
Phillip R 04/03/2013
Bring back the Ranger as the F-100? You guys have no plans for one... but you sure need to. There is a market for a US Ranger sized truck.... you had bad sales because of the lack of 4 doors and a refreshing design.
Bettie C 02/21/2013
I want the Sport trac back!!!
Richard P 01/29/2013
Absolutely correct. The F150 250 350 do not fit the needs of all your customers. The Ranger was agreat size for some of us and you need another. We do not want to buy a Toyota.