Trip of a lifetime with no hassle

My idea is to have a built in Camera that work like a normal camera would either outside or inside the car. The idea came to me from the concept of a camera that's in the back of the car so that it alerts you if there is anything when you are backing up.

You can upgrade this technology put a camera either in the front of the car where the headlights might be or by the roof (doesn't have to be a big device) which would capture photos, take pictures and even record your narration if you wanted it to. The screen that the camera is capturing would be shown on the lcd display inside the car, so the passenger whose ofcourse not driving, can rotate the camera, take a picture, do a narration if they chose to and build great memories.

This works in a lot of ways due to our hassle with the current situation. We go on so many roadtrips and we have to hold a camera up or put one in the front of the car which is a hassle. Sometimes you cant talk because you are recording which is also a hassle. Other than that, you have the reflection from the windows which doesn't do your pictures or video justice, you have to take the window down and take the picture in the wind. This would remove all of that hassle.

All you have to do is work it like a normal camera and voila, you have a no hassle video and photos from a trip!