Traffic / Weather / Gas Prices - Smart Phone Data

Would be great to update the weather, traffic, gas prices, restaurant information, etc. via a application on a smart phone or bluetooth tether. To get all of this data via Sirus is 5.99 a month where as this could all be done via a data connection for free. I see no reason for Sirus to be in the equation unless i am in a rural setting and don't trust a phone data connection, I then could subscribe to Sirus for that reason if I need that data.
Brandon 11/12/2010
I have yet to try out the Traffic, News, Directions, etc, but I agree that owners should have the ability to use the data connection on their phones for this type of information, since we are already paying for it. The expansion of apps for Sync would be limitless if we could tether our data connections.
Don F 10/01/2010
Chris, much of this is already available with SYNC Services. You can get Traffic, News, Directions, Sports, Weather, and search for businesses. Gas prices aren't available that I know of. SYNC Services is included for 3 years with a new vehicle purchase that includes Microsoft SYNC.