By Lee H.

OK i am a ford guy through and through i bleed Ford blue. I currently own a 90 Mustang 5.0 GT, 88 F-150, and a 96 SHO. Now i may not agree with what direction Ford designs and motor changes have happened over the years, but i am happy to see the 5.0 back. Now alls we need is the 7.3 back and ill be happy. I have owned many Fords over the years, but the one that is missing now when the horsepower battle is going strong is the the Thunderbird i love the Thunderbird, except for the design that came out in 2002 that almost killed the T-bird for me but i have faith that one day the Bird will fly again. Chevy has two the vette and the maro so ford needs two as well the original heavy waits the Stang and Bird. I would like to see the styling of like a 95 96 bird with a bigger performance motor. Thank you for your time
Lee Hubbard 12/18/2011
Awesome idea's guys... I'm glad to see and hear from other thunderchicken lovers. The first time i feel in love with a bird was back in 95 when my older brother owned a 77 bird with a moon roof plush interior and all the fixins. My forst bird was a 79 and then i had a 95 with the 4.6 and 40th anniversary edition. two tone green and silver. I gotta tell ya they even starting slacking before 2002 no sun roof no extra something special come on in my eyes the bird made ford and they pushed it to the side. I hope they get something going. I will always be a ford guy always. even if i have to just keep my old ones. Ford is the leader and has been for years its time to leave the other company's wish what we have and step up our game just like they did with the direct fuel injection.
Brian Langston 12/15/2011
Ford is more worried about giving people the fuel efficient ecoboost motors than they are building what car enthusiasts want. Ford could take a car the size of the Taurus and change it up a bit and drop a 5.0 in it and call it T-bird and it would sell! If Ford would do a new Thunderbird and Bronco, they would boost their sales in both these areas!
Chris Nail 12/11/2011
I currently own a 95 Thunderbird. I"ve owned 3 birds total. im a huge thunderbird enthusiast. To me the 89-97 birds were the best ford had made. Mine has been extremely customized inside and out including swapping in a 32 vavle cobra motor. In my opinion ford made a huge mistake in 02 with that bird. Sale had to have dropped dramatically. I would love to see the mn12 platform to come back of course slightly modified for todays standards. Definatly needs a boost in the performance dept to run with these challengers and comaros and such. Maybe a new SC version with the terminator motor at least. The new 5.0 motor for the LX and the 300 hp v6 for the base. Come on ford, youd make a killing off the sales from those setups. Not to mention alot of happy previous bird owners!
Agree about the Thinderbird. Make it a Hot Rod . Sweet style with performance. That is what the last Thunderbird lacked. 5.0 with available supercharger just like 55-57. Similiar to Cadillac cst-v.