The Standard Transmission

I think Ford should bring back the standard transmission. Like most folks I grew up driving a standard transmission. My first Ford was a 1976 Ford F-150 4X4 with the explorer package. It had the old reliable 4 speed. My second was an 1985 F-250 4X4 again with the 4 speed. In fact every Ford I ever bought was a standard transmission as long as it was offered. I gave up other options just to get one. I think that Ford made a huge mistake when they stopped offering one. It is my humble opinion that Ford should start offering it again. Just because other makers stopped does mean Ford should stop. Just because others walk off a cliff doesn't mean we should follow.
Jesse B 12/27/2012
Amen to all of the above. I did buy the 2011 f250 and the transmission did not live up to the billing. Almost every dealer and salesman laughed at me for asking for one. My entire family are ford drivers. I bought a Chevrolet in 2006 brand new just to get a manual trans in a half ton with a v8. I love my truck now except for the transmission. I can't control what I do and I can't feel my truck. It tries to think for me and for some that may be ok since I see a lot of folks who do not need a 3/4 ton driving them for grocery getters. You have forgotten who brought you to the dance and have left the truck drivers out. We like a "drivers" vehicle also. It is a sad day when you can get a standard shift in almost everything but a truck. I would trade mine today if you had a manual trans in a new one. I have been looking at older ones just to get one again.
Christopher Kirk 01/22/2012
Please, Ford, bring back the standard. Not all of us prefer to be divorced from the driving experience. In my mind, you cannot seriously consider a vehicle a "performance" vehicle if it's an automatic. When Ford brings back the manual in their trucks, I will (once again) buy one.
aag 01/10/2012
I believe they should have more manual transmission options on more vehicles in general. This is what steers me to purchase foreign cars over domestic. Ford needs to provide an AWD car with a manual transmission option.
Michael Robichaux 12/31/2011
I actually have friends who were disappointed when they couldn't get a manual even in a super duty as the manuals will outlast a automatic in cost of feeding (I rather change a clutch on the outside than a rebuild on the inside) , other than the fact I love them, they are a great theft detterent as many car thieves and many in the general public can not even drive a stick yet the stick can bring better gas mileage if you know how to drive it over a manual
John Doe 12/22/2011
i agree we should have the option. I have to drive old used rusty trucks just to have one. Believe me they are harder and harder to find and every used car dealer can't keep em on the lot.
Brian Langston 12/15/2011
But if people are having to shift their transmission, they will not have a free hand to hold their phone to text.
Just kidding people! I would love to have a manual in my F-450 service truck. Maybe if more people had a "stick", they would enjoy driving more and stay off the stupid phones and just DRIVE!
Matt Flammger 12/09/2011
I don't understand it, I feel it is a lot easier to control my truck when i am towing with a manual. you don't have to worry about the computer shifting your truck when you are descending and trying to keep your speed right. It is very difficult with an auto trans.
Leo Basile 12/07/2011
I enjoy shifting. I also belive that it keeps you focused on the task at hand and more intuned with vehicle and driving enviroment.
Brad Krekelberg 12/05/2011
I am definitely feeling uneasy driving my new '12 Focus Titanium (where I was forced to get the auto) in the snow and ice. I definitely don't feel like I have as much control. I want my manual back!
Tom McGrew 12/03/2011
I, too, was disappointed that I would have had to get a Mustang to get a standard transmission. I am excited that the Focus ST will have the standard transmission standard however.
William DeSilvey 12/03/2011
Even with me pushing 50 years old, I still prefer a standard transmission. As a rule, mileage is better, as is overall vehicle handling and control in less than optimal traffic and weather conditions.