The Best and New Style of Ford Expedition in 2012 and The Best Selling Ford Minivan in 2012

Please I have used Ford Minivans and Lincohn Towncars for 13years since I came to U.S from Africa, please I suggest that Ford should be able to compete the best selling minivans in America and should never give up for others to take this huge stake. Please, Ford CEO AND DESIGNERS should never forget that Kia and Hundai started to compete with others and It's really working for them. please I would Encourage that Ford would never stop making Minivan but come up with designs like 2012 Ford Explorer's features and the most beautiful Minivan ever built in America by Ford to compete and look much better than what Americans think is a best selling Minivan today. Please look at good cars Ford is now building, who told you Ford cannot compete and build one of the most beautiful minivans ever built in U.S in 2012/2013, I wish I could be invited by Ford CEO to these Designers to share my Ideas with them. Please I'm also suggesting about a new style in 2012 for Expedition and Navigator which would become best of the line as far as all SUV'S ARE CONCERN. THANK YOU FORD. I'M here to see another Ford Saloon Cars and Lincoln Towncars 2012/2013 to compete with some of the most expensive saloon cars in America. Thank you so much. I LOVE FORD CARS. GOD BLESS.