Sync's voice commands need to be smarter

By Max P.

Simply put, Sync only works well when you memorize exactly what you have to say, when you have to say it. It isn't intelligent enough to recognize commands when they're spoken naturally, the way they should be. (For instance, everyone knows that with Apple's Siri, all you have to do is say "Are there any Pizza places nearby?" and it just finds you pizza. Period. Heck, you can even just say "I'm hungry." and she'll find any restaurants.)

Yesterday, it took me four or five tries just to get it to set my climate to 70 degrees while I was driving, and that included the radio turning itself on a few times, instead. It's not good enough for Sync to suggest I look at the screen at a list of commands to say, because... well the whole point is to not look at anything but the road.

Let's update this software so it really works, and isn't just technology for technology's sake.
Patrick H 01/03/2014
I am taking a long road trip across the country, so I have plenty OF time to work with the voice activated Sync. It is frustrating to have to go through the whole process to look up a car wash , or a coffee house along the route. I should just be able to say. "Find a coffee house" right from the beginning and it should look for one closest. I spend a lot of my time going back into the menus to find something. When I do adding it to the route as a waypoint in the Nav I have to push the button on the screen. Start looking at how to make the Sync more user friendly, I'm a Fighter Pilot, they call this cockpit integration, Ergonomics and P.V.I. ( pilot to vehicle interface).