Sync Services in Canada

It would be nice if, as a customer in Canada, I could use Sync services in Canada, including, turn by turn navigation and business search and vehicle health report.
Don Larocque 06/02/2014
If GM can offer this and more on their Cadillac brand, well . . . shame on Lincoln. Very misleading that brochures and website have you believe you are getting all of this functionality but find out at delivery that it is not available in Canada. I like my MKX, but this will be my last Lincoln.
Stan 05/10/2014
I use the turn by turn directions in my MKX often while I'm driving in the US. This weekend I plan to cross the border. Need to find the Ft. Frances airport. No Can Do! You must be kidding, Ford. Get with the program.
Jerry D 02/25/2014
I cancelled my sirus canada on my Lincoln until I can get what the Americans get
Jason L 10/16/2013
So Ford on Twitter tells me to make my voice heard here. I wonder why, when it's clear that Ford is not listening, based on the fact you folks have been begging for this for over a year.
Whitefire 09/22/2013
We have 2013 Edge....Travel Link worked for a couple of weeks then was not accessible....Contacted Sirius Canada....said it was being tested on trial basis but not yet supported in Canada as Sirius XM is on "different operating platform in Canada than in U.S."...C'mon Sirius get your act together to offer this service on a continuous basis in Canada !!!!
Luc G 08/29/2013
Canada is always left behind, we paid the same as others but we never have the same opportunity, where is the justice in it?
Rodney Wild 08/19/2013
No Sync services in Canada Still (after many people complaining over three years from what I can see). I bought the car part in part because of the sync services. No mention was made that almost none of the sync services work here in Canada. Very unhappy! For will not be a buy for my next purchase.
Adam 06/29/2013
Bring Canada sync services!
Dwayne Watson 04/07/2013
I also have a 2013 ford edge limited and very disappointed that all sync and Sirius Linkup do not work in Canada, the closest weather i can get in Watertown, NY, not much good if its sunny there and snowing here! i also feel somewhat ripped of that the features that are advertised on the Canadian sites do not work!
Derek B 03/29/2013
Love my 2013 Focus, hate the fact that Ford advertise what they don't offer in Canada. Let us have what we paid for! Full Sync services, as in the US! I need an ap that will send routes to my nav system from a computer. It's much easier to set a route and modify it on a computer.
Darren 03/07/2013
Why does it work when it's in the trial period but not after?
whi 02/23/2013
Ford is not Canada friendly...
Linda F 02/13/2013
The few SYNC features that are available in Canada don't work properly. I felt cheated when I discovered that I didn't get what I paid for. The SYNC upgrade should be offered free to Canadian Ford owners, like me, who feel they've been short-changed.
J V 02/11/2013
I'm a Canadian living in the US. I use the Sync Services on my Ford all the time. I told my dad about it and now he is super disappointed that his new Ford doesn't work in Canada. Of course the sales people at the dealership told him that all features of Sync work in Canada...
Ray C 01/12/2013
Very very disapointed that the advertised features of Sync are not fully functional in Canada. Ford is ultimately responsible whatever the reason. They should not sell and promote what they do not deliver. Consumer confidence is sinking to an all-time low from this owner. Will be looking elsewhere for my next purchase and will make sure others know.
Jack 12/24/2012
Now that coordinates input (longitude, latitude) is removed in the update to 3.5 to my ford touch, it's even more important to be able to download locations from to sync. I could never input coordinates in any case as MFT would always reply, "unknown location -cancelling input." I hope this feature will be added back in for those of us who hike and do outdoor sports where the destination is not a street address. My Garmin Nuvi can do this, why not MFT. In the meantime lets get the sync thing working in Canada and especially the ability to download destinations from Google maps which do accept coordinates.
Michael S 12/03/2012
Owner of a 2012 Focus Titanium. Awesome car but getting royally po'd about lack of sync service. Primarily the ability to use the FordSync Send to Car feature in Google Maps to send a pre-created map with waypoints and custom path. This feature shows up when using but it fails to send. This feature does not show up in I'd like to know why this is Ford specific.. and not carrier based. BMW, Nissan, Infinity, Mini and RollsRoyce are in the list so why can't Ford work? This better be fixed damn soon or a very good reason be given why this awesome function is not available to Canadian owners. Otherwise, my next car WILL NOT BE A FORD.
Bob M 11/17/2012
Like others I bought a 2013 Escape SEL with MySync only to discover it doesn't work in Canada. No one told me this at the dealership. Very annoying.
HDBadBoy 10/30/2012
Ford would have been better served to have partnered with Google for it's infotainment system, that being said most phones now are Android powered this would have allowed streamline interface between face and infotainment. Would have made updates a snap. However, the MPG on the Ford Focus SEL hatchback is sweet and ride is smooth!
Tina S 10/27/2012
Not impressed that we do not have this service in Canada, I feel like I have been mislead, perhaps I should have went with the subaru forrester instead. :(
Chris 10/16/2012
Very, very disappointed. Bought a new 2013 Escape SEL a month ago with the Sync package. Was not informed that nothing worked in Canada. The dealer, of course, now has nothing to say about it except that it will be online soon.

Come on... I paid for the same service as our US counterparts did, and I expect it to work.
Janeen W 09/27/2012
I talked my husband into the Escape Titanium because of all its nifty tricks. Oops! Paid a whole lot and no nifty tricks. :-(. I only wish that I had been told before purchasing the car. Logging into all bright-eyed and hopeful only to find that sync doesn't work in Canada is angering. Phoned Ford "customer care" only to be told that they "have no plans at the current time to offer sync in Canada." Grrrr....
Dino R 09/21/2012
Ford you need to get with the program Canadians are not second class citizen we need the same products that you are offering in the USA or do not name yourselfs ford. I bought a new 2012 ford focus titanium and want all the same bells and whisles offered to someone who purchased this in the USA. My car was manufactured in the USA should it not be give the same treatment as one purchased in the US.
Matthew S 09/20/2012
So, 2 years, 110 votes "for" and none "against". Still no word or movement.

Anyone home?
Steve H 09/14/2012
Here is what happened. I got six months free with the Lincoln. This includes Travel Link. Gas prices weather sports scores traffic etc. After 6 months I call to add the Lincoln to my Mustang satellite account. No Travel Link. HUH I said...what was I playing with for the last 6 months...sorry sir it’s not available in Canada. Hmmmm....I must have been dreaming. So...2 weeks ago....Travel Link comes back on. Today it disappeared. Call back to Sirius....sorry sir it’s not available in Canada....It will be available in Canada in the spring of 2012. I went berserk.
Stephane 09/13/2012
i just bought an Explorer 2013 XLT 4wd only to find out afterwards that SYNC services were not active, price we pay for these Ford vehicule should justify access to these services.
Gil 09/08/2012
Come on Ford. We have been very loyal to you in Canada - how about rewarding us with the same features that our American cousins have!
Or... maybe our loyalty will dwindle
Kay W 08/28/2012
Please activate sync in Canada, it was really disappointing to bring home our new car with sync and nav to find out it is disabled in Canada. It was bought to be our road trip vehicle so it's very unfortunate for us and anybody buying thinking it does all it says.
Shelby GT500 08/14/2012
come on Ford make this happen!
Peter C 06/25/2012
Very disappointed i am unable to use services I believed were available to me when I purchased my F150-FX4.
Mark F 06/21/2012
I agree with this, all the commercial's state these features as a selling point so yep went in and bought a brand new ford and guess what have the services on the ford sync system are not available in Canada? We pay more for the vehicle than our American counterparts and still get treated like second class citizens? Come on Ford get the services level across the playing field here. I love the car but seriously feel ripped off with the lack of support for Canadian customers.
Ken D 06/06/2012
Lets get moving ford,i paid 2500 dollars for my nav system in my 2010 sportrac and still no update!!!
Dan S 05/15/2012
Bought my Escape in 2010 and was very disappointed all the features of SYNC were not available in Canada. I thought my system was broken until I did the software upgrade. No change. Come on Ford Canada!!!!!
Simon 05/02/2012
Id rather not have the feature, than have it and not be able to use it because I live in Canada. My Iphone has traffic, why doesn't my $2500 Nav system have it? Maybe we are too small of a market for Ford to care about it LOL. Next time, I think a $100 GPS would be a wiser investment.
Neil J 05/01/2012
Come on Ford! Do the right thing.
Mike 03/28/2012
Is there anyway they could offer some of these services though our cell phone. Like the healthcheck. Why can that not be tethered though your cell to upload the info to your webpage?
I hope they change there minds and offer it in Canada soon. Lots of stuff we cant use here.
David R 03/19/2012
Sync Services in Canada. Let's not drag this out.
Christian 03/15/2012
I just bought a new F-250 2012. I am disapointed to see all of the SYNC advertising and features it is marketed on not available in Canada. When we buy an iphone, or other smartphone, we know here in Canada we will get 99% of the featured functionality of the product anywhere in North America. It would have been nice to read somehwere (most services not available in Canada).
William Blakeman 02/20/2012
I agree 100%. I had the service for 6 months in Vancouver and it was very useful. I travel a lot in the USA and was able to use the extent of the service there. It should be available in Canada even if the all the service features are not available.
Corey Lange 01/27/2012
I 100% agree!! Why does Ford forget about its Canadian customers? I mean, I have a Flex and its built in Oakville, Ontario CANADA!! Come on Ford, if the USA has it, why can't the neighbours to the north??
Brent B. 01/27/2012
why is this stuff not available Canada again? the us always gets the good stuff and Canada gets left behind
Denise B 01/16/2012
Love my new Ford Escape but really thought the Sync would offer the same services as it does in the US. Ford has missed the mark on this and once again Canadians are treated as though they have no consumer power whatsoever!
Ross Morello 01/13/2012
I love my new focus, but I will not recommend Ford vehicles until Canada receives the same service as USA. Get sync up and running, and keep your Canadian consumers in the loop instead of having us speculate as to why Sync is not offered yet.
Fully agree with the crew here. I bought the Ford Explorer in good part because of it's Sync advertized features and services, but found upon delivery that I can't use them here! Frustrating. In this new social world, I cannot recommend a Ford to my friends if I'm frustrated with it. Ford, please listen to the feedback and make your life easy, just keep the same Sync version north and south of the border...
Ross Morello 01/11/2012
No clue how a car made in Michigan does not work just Miles/Kilometers away from the border? Sync should be available in Canada. If you advertise and sell a product, have it work.
Montanafordguy 01/06/2012
Unfortunate that Ford forgets about the folks that also build the same vehicles we do.. It's absurd that they don't get the same features..What were they thinking???
Gary 12/31/2011
Love to get all the sync services in canada afterall we pay the same price for that option as are friends in the south
Gavin Hawkins 11/15/2011
Seems like common sense to have all Sync Services available in Canada too.
John Carcasole 11/14/2011
John I bought this vehicle (2012 MKX) for the tech. Please give me all the options I thought I had purchased.
Mike 11/14/2011
Please enable sync services on Canadian vehicles.
jordan 11/13/2011
just make it happen Ford... I just paid a very large sum of cash for a new truck with all the "extras". but a lot of the extras don't work in Canada.... Make it happen Ford...
Peter Kruys 09/21/2011
Canadian owners are once again getting short changed.
Glenn Connery 09/18/2011
I was in a coworkers car in Buffalo and he used the direction service to get us to an appointment. I rushed home to try it on my 2011 F-150 and to my disappointment that it is not offered/available in Canada.
Glenn Eaves 09/17/2011
I want the Sync services that I see in the TV ads for my new Edge. It should do what it says on the box!
Brad B. 08/28/2011
There is also no reason Vehicle Health Report cannot be provided for Canadian customers. OnStar Diagnostic emails have been in Canada for years. Come on Ford stop cutting everything for the Canadian buyers. GM has brought OnStar in both countries to almost exactly the same product.
C B 08/17/2011
So why doesn't Ford Canada want to listen to its customers (and in at least my case, potential customers) on this issue? Seriously, this annoys me, Ford!
A O 08/12/2011
Jack we have GPS devices in Canada that track your vehicle. Vehicle tracking is allowed in Canada.
A O 08/11/2011
@Jack No, vehicle tracking is not illegal in Canada. We are allowed to have GPS devices in our cars. SYNC Services, like all other GPS companies, collect your vehicle's location through a satellite, then calculate the fastest route to your destination.
A O 08/11/2011
God, Ford, how long have we Canadians awaited the day SYNC Services comes to Canada so we don't have to pay 500 dollars for a GPS? Just get a Canadian 1-800 SYNC Services number! And if they DO make a Canadian 1-800 number for SYNC Services, use Google Maps for the maps in Canada to save us even more waiting time. You see, another excuse Ford is using is " that SYNC's maps cannot find Canadian addresses." So, instead of using the current SYNC maps, switch to Google Maps, seeing as Google Maps can find Canadian addresses!

Don't get me wrong, I love my Fiesta, but getting the short end of the stick from Ford is crossing the line.

Spread the word about SYNC Services in Canada! Show it to your friends on FaceBook and tweet it on Twitter, saying VOTE YES!
Aaron Desjardins 07/25/2011
Canada needs to have the same ability as what is advertised. Feels like we're getting the short end of the stick. Bring full infotainment to Canada Ford!
Jack 07/15/2011
It is not available because SYNC services needs to track your vehicle and vehicle tracking is illegal in Canada.
C B 07/15/2011
Agreed - the Sync services were promised in Canada and Ford Canada needs to deliver on this. I'm not happy with the CRTC vis-a-vis Sirius TDI, but the CRTC is not at issue when it comes to the Sync Services.

Unfortunately, the impression I'm left with is that as Canadians we are made to overpay for Ford vehicles, and we don't get the same level of services.

I'm looking at a $50K plus Ford Explorer, at first blush it looks great, but for that money I want the features.
Brad Brewer 07/14/2011
Ted your confusing SYNC Services with Sirius Travel Link and Traffic...........two separate things. These features should be available in Canada, its causing Canadians to pay for full functionality while getting only partial functionality.
Stephen 01/03/2011
Would be nice, Ford, if I could use the Sync in my Edge 2011 (Canada)
Dennis B. 06/27/2010
I wholeheartedly agree, or at least quit advertising these features so we don't know they exist :( Seriously... why keep it in the literature when you will not offer it on this side of the border... why not give us the chance to try it out on our $60k +++ vehicles. :(
Ted 04/14/2010
Why it's not available in Canada is because Sirius Canada does not offer it.
It has nothing to do with Ford... talk to Sirius Canada!
Andrew 04/14/2010
They probably don't have a 1-800 number for Canada yet for the SYNC to use... Who knows!?
Joel 04/14/2010
why is this stuff not available Canada again?