There is an idea.
Dan C 11/07/2013
Love my F150, and to be honest I would of bought it even if at  I was told at the time of sale that some Sync Services where only avalible in the USA, now that I know it bothers me.

 I just hate to add a negitive comment when people ask me how I like my new truck.
khalil j 10/31/2013
I am posting this because I hear they are reviewed daily. The full sync package should come to Canada considering we pay full price. Also, Ford manufactures its cars here! I don't understand why we don't have these features, it has been years!
Trevor A 09/11/2013
Ford really needs to fix this! As someone who travels alot this would really be nice to have.
Benjamin H 07/11/2013
Good news (sort of) - after a bit of digging you can at least get the traffic working in Canada! According to the Sirius website, the traffic coverage includes many of the major canadian cities, but for some reason isn't officially offered to canadian customers - I guess it's intended for US customers that cross the border from time to time.
But, I called Sirius and a very friendly customer service rep was able to add the TravelLink services and the traffic works perfectly in Calgary! That being said, the weather/fuel prices/movie listings link up to the nearest US location in Montana - not big deal because I really just wanted traffic. Hope this helps.
Matt 05/05/2013
I'm not sure why it was never offered in the first place?

Oh, and a "false misrepresentation" would be truth.
AL 03/31/2013
Plain dumb no service in Canada, yet we pay full package of that car and no service. what joke.
Jay P 03/28/2013
Does this have to be linked through sirius there has to be some way to get weather, fuel prices, sports scores, etc to our cars. At least let sirius give us the option to buy the US version of this service.
Brian M 02/26/2013
Cant believe we dont get SYNC in Canada. How can Chevy and GMC have On Star working and Ford cant compete. I have written Ford and get it is in the near future. It should be right now like TODAY Come of FORD
David Kelava 02/09/2013
I'm with Al G I think it is misrepresentation ...... Was' nt there some guy who sued Apple for a bunch of money because part of the IPhone software did not work in Canada ?
Mark N 11/26/2012
I agree with Jay and Cory. Even my local dealer mentioned it when he was giving me the hard sell. Don't have it in your ads and marketing if it isn't available.
Al G 11/23/2012
how can they sell us a car stating for sync when its not offered in Canada. Isn't that false misrepresentation
John 11/23/2012
Was not impressed this wasn't available! Manual states we need to set up a syncmyride accoount at the .ca site. What's that for then??
Jay P 11/05/2012
Please make Sync Services available in Canada, I feel swindled!
Corey V 11/05/2012
This really is a no brainer. Ford needs to make this happen, right now we are getting a crippled version of Sync
Herbert H 08/02/2012
I just got my 2012 Focus and I absolutely love the car, but I don't understand why we cannot have sync services here. They should have at least explain why it is not here.
sly 03/19/2012
Sounds like a good idea... Why is Ford not making Sync services available here in Canada? I can't recommend Ford to friends now because of this.
Peter Cumberland 12/02/2011
Considering that we pay more for the car than our neighbours to the south ( in my case the Flex) ...and get less, is discriminating....not to mention the car is made in Canada by Canadians. I also don't get why the dash in the US car is slightly more embellished with faux wood trim than the Canadian model.....why for heaven's sake?
Gavin Hawkins 11/15/2011
Seems like common sense to have all Sync Services available in Canada too.
C B 08/22/2011
I agree, but this is a duplicate of