Sync Outlook addresses and calendar to Ford Sync

By Mike P.

I have a new 2010 F-150 Lariat with Sync. Love it. However, why stop at being able to download your phone book? Why not give us the ability to sync our entire Outlook with the Sync system? I would like to download my Outlook addresses and my Outlook Calendar so I can work with those apps in my new truck.

If I had my addresses downloaded in the Sync system, I could say "Drive to ABC Lumber Company" and it would map the address with Nav and send me on my way.

If I had my Outlook Calendar synced with my Sync I could schedule appointments from my truck or check availablity, etc. This should work just like sync'ing my Blackberry handheld device with my Outlook.

If this application already exists, please let me know and tell me how I can get it downloaded to my Sync system in my new truck.

Also, if this app does not exist, please make it so that I can download the upgrade.

Thank you,
Mike Pankey
Force M 03/17/2013
Seems is working on this, but it sounds like it's not available yet. I agree that being able to sync calendars (smartphone/computer/car) would be a great improvement, especially if the "Android Now" feature were replicated, where it could auto-route you based on the address in your calendar appointment, remind you of when you needed to leave to be there on time, taking into account traffic, weather, etc., however, given that the sync interface is so far behind smartphones in usability, I fear that unless the Ford software engineers can let go of their egos and just let the smartphone do the thinking/heavy lifting, we won't see this for YEARS.
New Fusion Owner 05/27/2011
I agree. The calendar function on Sync is not very useful if you cannot add information to it.