SYNC Macros

Allow the user to create verbal macros for functions of the SYNC system. For instance, you could say the macro 'warm it up', and the SYNC system would crank up the heat and heated seats to your predefined temp, and turn on the heated steering wheel. Or you could say the macro 'chill out', and the SYNC system would set the temp, music type and ambient lighting based on your macro.
Brian Rakestraw 04/10/2013
Love this idea!!!! This would make things sooooo much simpler than saying, climate, temperature 75.... Just say something like "it's hot" or "it's cold" and sync knows what to do, of course it would be even better if you could personalize your macros!
Vince L. 06/24/2011
I really like this idea. That would be an awesome way to extend the functionality of the sync/MFT system.