SYNC Faster Indexing of Songs

By Matt S.

Sync seems to take an exceptionally long time to index usb drives and smartphones attached via usb.  It would be a much less painful process if:

1.  Sync could index usb drives in the background, even if you're listening to FM or XM at the moment.

2.  Sync didn't need to re-scan the entire drive because a single file had changed.  Partial scans should be possible.

3.  Sync could provide some vague progress, a percentage or estimate of remaining time.  I realize you're indexing, but are we looking at 5 more minutes or an hour until you're done?

4.  Sync could index playlists first and at least have those available while the indexing completes.  I shouldn't be stuck listening to a shuffle of 10,000 songs if the playlists are already there.