Sync Applink for Ford Flex

By Jeff S.

Bring Sync Applink capability to the Ford Flex.

The Flex features features some of the most impressive amenities in Ford's portfolio but continues to lack Sync Applink capability. The request is to have that amended through an update via the web service. Thank you.
Ryan M 04/24/2013
Excellent idea!!!!
Lisa V 04/14/2013
YES! I was shocked and disappointed to discover that my brand new ford flex 2013 limited with the technology package, didn't have app link!
Kandi W 04/13/2013
I agree so disappointed and feel like Ford is just leaving us out. 2011 Flex Limited that I love but dated technology so quickly and promises for over a year on updating the Gen1 system to include AppLink should be priority for loyal Ford owners
Chris 02/26/2013
I couldn't agree more. I have a new 2012 Flex I bought instead of a 13 because of availability and price. My Flex came with a high enough sticker price why doesn't it come with the applink, which comes in cheaper versions of other cars. You would think for a $53,000 sticker price of the flex it would come with everything that Ford has to offer.
Bob V 02/25/2013
We definitely need this functionality - The Flex is Ford's most tech savvy car and not having this feature takes it down a notch. I want this on my 2013 Flex!
William S 02/25/2013
Could not agree more w/ all previous posts... Just bought a 2013 Flex SEL - blows my mind that Ford does not include the latest/greatest pieces of tech on ALL of their newer models!!! Get this updated NOW!!
Kent K 02/21/2013
This is a no brainer. I have no idea why it is not there alread
Nate F 02/14/2013
For sure! "Applink is available on the 2013 Focus , Fiesta, E-series, Expedition, F-150, Super Duty, C-MAX, Fusion and Mustang." What, but not my Flex? Are you kidding me? Do the right thing, Ford -- get us this update, PLEASE!
Carl 02/10/2013
Yes please!!!
Kevin S 02/06/2013
bring on the applink on the 2013 flex!!!!
Mike Phillips 02/06/2013
I would love to have this in my Flex. There is a button for it but it doesn't work, how come?