SYNC Advanced Mode

Enable an Advanced user mode, so that the experienced user can do such things like, press the 'talk' button, hear the chime, and give a command, without waiting for the voice to tell me to 'give a command' every single time. Offer a 'open texting' mode, so I don't have to tell the system to read each text as they come in, every single time, it would just read the messages as they come in when in this mode, I can say reply and it will replay back to whoever sent the initial text.

The idea is that it would removes many of the redundancies for the experienced Sync user so the experience flows more like a conversation with someone familiar.
Michael S 09/04/2012
Can't tell if this is a joke...there already is a mode like this, and it actually *is* called Advanced. Look through your options.
Jim K 10/19/2011
There is already an option within Sync to disable voice prompts. Look at the Sync Manual.
Mike Huynh 09/21/2011
I agree, waiting for the voice makes me not want to use the voice commands
Robert Lindstrom 08/10/2011
This would really make the SYNC more useful! As of right now I'm getting frustrated when I have to wait for the computer voice all the time.

I tend to punch in the street addres instead of saying it because of that.
Brad Brewer 07/15/2011
This an excellent idea as an option for advanced users, Ford please consider this functionality.