Stop the flashing circle madness

MyFord Touch Navigation Map..... Can you please get rid of the flashing circle around my current position?? It's very distracting, not to mention unnecessary since the current position arrow never moves. It's always at the center of the screen, so why do I need a flashing circle in my peripheral vision? If you're feeling especially generous, give us the option to set the circle to ON, OFF, or FLASH. Thanks in advance.
Joseph B 08/07/2014
Flashing circle is unnecessary. As long as there is an indicator showing where the car is and its direction of travel, a circle of any kind is not needed. Plus, the flashing is annoying and distracting.
Richard G. Belmore 04/13/2013
I don't have a Ford navigation system yet, however, i already now i don't want that blinking circle on the screen.
Luke M 01/03/2013
I completely agree. Both my wife and I looked through the options trying to figure out how to turn this off to no avail.