Standard Touchscreen

By Matt G.

It is time that all Ford vehicles come with standard touchscreens with bluetooth. 10 years ago, navigation systems were expensive and glitchy. I can get a touchscreen navigation for $100 at any store. I firmly believe that all new cars sold should come with 7" touchscreens. I understand that many people would not buy better equipped vehicles if touchscreen nav and audio were standard; however, overall sales may suffer if cheaply built vehicles such as hyundai and toyota continue to undercut the competition. This would give Ford and edge, and mass production would improve both quality and efficiency of these systems. I am younger buyer that owns a 2010 Mustang premium that does not have a touchscreen. My interior is near perfect. It has soft touch materials, leather interior, excellent air control, sync and my ford color.... but it also has an awful shaker 500 audio system with a 1" tall pixelated display. The younger buyer needs a touchscreen!

I cannot use sync to its full capability because voice commands only go so far. My dad has a 2011 Lariat F-150 with a big display that shows options for voice commands (as well as having the option for manual touch). Please, please, please standardize touch screens.