Song Track Order

Music contained on a USB stick has certain metadata - including track numbers tags. Currently, in my 2012 Explorer Limited, if I select a particular folder containing songs, the songs are played in alphabetical order, essentially ignoring the track number tags that are present. Thus, in order to play an album of my own creation (e.g., a compilation album), in the track order that I want, I must create a playlist for that album, and instead of playing the album, I choose to play the playlist.

My idea is that the default track order for playing an album without a playlist is to first use the track number tags if they are present in the songs in the folder, otherwise, it is ok to use some other track order such as alphabetical by song title.

Thanks for listening.

Michael Bishop
2012 Ford Explorer Limited
Timothy C 10/03/2013
I'm finding that MFT *doesn't* play alphabetically. Many of my tracks have - Title notation in the name, which Windows Media Player, etc, use when ripping. I don't know what it uses for ordering the list.
Tim S 03/21/2012
MFT needs to mirror the iPod/iPhone interface when it comes to playing music.