Song & Artist

When I purchased my 2011 Edge with MyFord Touch I could see the song and artist on any display. Since the "Performance Update" it is now just the Entertainment display has it. Return the song and artist to the lower left of all display formats or at a minimum put it on the Quad Corners Home screen. There is plenty of room.
Dave L 12/04/2012
This is one reason I'm sticking with 2.11 [as shipped on the car]. Since there is no available issue tracking system or release roadmap, anecdotal information is all that is available. Apparently neither 3.02 or 3.51 have addressed the bugs in 2.11, and have degraded the user interface.

So why waste my time to 'update' the system and get something less useful?
Dan S 12/01/2012
I found this a big step backwards for MFT. Why can't I see what song is playing on the radio on the main screen (that has the 4 quadants)? I'd rather see the song that the 6 presets.