Smartphone Dock to replace Sync and Sync Touch OS

The Sync and Sync Touch systems were nice a few years ago, but even with the upgrades today their aged technology shows.  One cannot upgrade processing power, memory, storage space, etc of the infotainment systems to my knowledge.  In 5 years we will see significant jumps in computing power and efficiency yet our cars will be stuck in the past.

Taking the concept of modular development one could rethink the in car infotainment system by making the bare api's available like openxc to a standardized dock (example microusb).  In the dock such a user personalized device such as a smartphone would connect overriding the basic infotainment sytem and powering and enhanced infotainment system handling the display. This would provide the latest processing, memory, storage, etc.  It also would provide an enhanced experience that is customized to the phone owner allow for designing a more seamless experience for interacting with the interface.  

Users of Android vs Microsoft vs I OS vs others could have a tailored app that bridges that OS to the doc controls taking advantage of apps of that user.
Vincent B 10/13/2013
A solution to all of this for iPhone owners would be to have a Bluetooth-enabled Apple TV adapter which can hook up to the MyTouch screen.
S C 10/09/2013
It would be great if the myford display could simply be a second display of the cell phone screen. That way I could see all my cell phone apps, maps etc on the car's display. If there was some input integration that would be better, but not necessary.
SC 10/08/2013
I agree with this suggestion. My take is that there is no way one developer (Ford/MS) could offer the many variety of applications available on smartphones. You could simply add another module to the entertainment part of the myford system to create a second display for the smartphone. A myford api to enable some basic controls from the infotainment screen would be even better.